Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far is Awilihan Private Paradise Resort from Metro Manila?

  • Taking SLEX (going South) and connecting to Star Tollway, you can reach Awilihan Resort from Makati City in about 45 minutes to an hour.  Proximity to Metro Manila is one of Awilihan's attractions.

2. Do you accept walk-ins?

  • In order for us to provide our guests with the best experience, we do not accept walk-ins. We only accept reservations with a downpayment to ensure that the resort is prepared for guest arrival.  We only accept one group or party at a time to enjoy Awilihan.

3. Can I schedule an ocular?

  • Yes you can.  There is no need to schedule an ocular in advance during regular hours (8am to 6pm daily).  Just honk your horn or ring our doorbell and you will be warmly welcomed.  Majority of Awilihan staff stay at the resort compound so they are always available to show you around. 

4. What is the ideal maximum capacity for guests?

  • For a day trip, we can handle up to 50 persons. For an overnight trip, we can provide sleeping facilities for 30 persons.  Please see "Rates" portion of our website for day or overnight rates.

5. Can I just rent a room instead of the whole resort?

  • Since we only accept one group at a time, you automatically gain access to the entire resort.  If you book a stay at Awilihan Private Paradise Resort, you will have to pay the minimum fee as per the published RATES, even if there are only a few of you in your group.

6. How do I pay?

  • You have to deposit the 50% downpayment of the rental fee and 100% of your food pre-orders to Awilihan's BPI bank account to confirm your reservation.  The remaining 50% of the rental fee is due in Cash upon arrival at the resort (unfortunately, we cannot accept check payments).  Please see the website section on RATES for Bank account details.  We are also listed at AirBnb and Agoda for your convenience.

If you live outside the Philippines you may remit the payment to us in US Dollars using Western Union, Zoom, or any other reputable money remittance center.

7. Can I pay via credit card?

  • The resort does not have any provision to receive credit card payments.  We highly suggest if you do not want to pay with cash at the resort, please deposit the 100% amount to our BPI bank account. 

8. Do you have a sound system for company outings / seminars?

  • Yes we do. We provide this free of charge to our guests. We also have an LCD projector and a screen for your seminars, workshops, and planning meetings.

9. Can we bring our own food?

  • Guests are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks to the resort except chips and desserts. We also do not allow cooking of any food in the resort as the kitchen is reserved for dishes ordered at Awilihan.   Our past clients have told us that they were not able to enjoy fully the resort because of the food preparation time and effort.  You should just leave the food preparation to us and just enjoy Awilihan's facilities.

10. Can we buy food there?

  • Yes you can. Please view the menu at our website for your orders. If there is something not located in the menu, please contact our resort manager and we shall determine if your preferred menu choice is possible. Kindly note that all dishes need to be pre-ordered and therefore full advance payment is necessary for menu items.
  • Our "homecooked" food is delicious and reasonable in price.  We have not received any complaints from any guest about our food.  Let us do the cooking and you do the enjoying.

11. Does your resort have a first aid kit?

  • Yes, we are equipped with a first aid kit. There is also a nearby hospital which is St. Andrew’s Hospital located at Talisay town.

12. Can you arrange trips to the Volcano for trekking?

  • We can contact a third party to assist in picking you up via motorboat from the resort to take you to the volcano. All arrangements will have to be coursed through the Department of Tourism accredited Taal Trekking organizers.

13. Do you have security at your resort?

  • Yes, our resort has security personnel monitoring the premises 24/7.  Your security and safety is our utmost concern. 

14. Can we have cooked the fish we catch?

  • Yes you may.  We will charge you a purchase and cooking fee per kilo.